We’ll design and integrate intelligent home automation systems for your clients

Getting home automation right is both demanding and highly technical. Product specifications and capabilities are changing every day and new products and technology are constantly being introduced. We keep on top of all the trends and changes to ensure that we can meet the lifestyle requirements of your clients and provide a safe, comfortable and energy efficient home.

Importantly, from your point of view, we complete projects on time, to budget and are fully compliant with the latest technical and safety standards. We’ll happily work with you, under your banner or complete a project solely on your behalf. We can provide you with all the design, project management and engineering skills you need to deliver your project to your client.

The key to a really intelligent home is making sure to understand what the client wants and that all the electrical devices are integrated with one another and can communicate easily. Therefore, the earlier in the planning stage that we can become involved, the better. Bring your client to our professional, interactive showroom and we can discuss what they’d like, show them a range of options to choose from and then develop a comprehensive plan.

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