Enjoy the full cinematic experience
in the comfort of your own home

Home cinema systems enable you to bring the cinema experience to the comfort of your own reclining chair! We can install a system that makes you feel like you’re actually in the film, creates an awesome sound and visual experience and provides the perfect mood lighting. If you enjoy relaxing with your family and watching films there is no better way to experience it than by settling down in your very own custom designed home cinema room.

To ensure you get the best possible experience from your cinema room the key is getting everything right at the design stage. Working alongside your architect, interior designer or builder, Worldwide Electrics provides the difference between an average home cinema and one which takes your breath away. We custom design a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with projectors, LED screens and sound systems that complement each other for the best sound and picture together with convenient lighting and curtain control. Our team can help transform your room into a perfect environment for enjoying films, playing games and watching TV.

Contact us today and we’ll transform your home into a truly intelligent living space.