Use lighting control to set the mood
in any room in your home

We all know the difference light can make to a home. Bright lights let you see what you’re doing such as cooking, studying or putting on makeup whilst dimmed lights are used for relaxing activities like watching a movie, having a chat or sneaking a snooze. A lighting control system will let you control the lights and mood inside and outside your home either through voice activation or at the touch of a button on a wireless device.  The choice is yours – turn lights off or on, dim them, brighten them, activate landscape lighting or turn on outdoor lighting from your car when you arrive home.  

Lighting control is an integral component of any home automation system. As well as being able to instantly control the lights in your home, an intelligent, automated system allows you to program and schedule your lighting. This ensures you won’t come home to a dark house, gives the impression you’re at home when you’re not and provides low level lighting when you move around the house at night. From fully home wired solutions to retro fitted wireless lighting, we can design and install lighting control to suit your moods. The layout of lights, designation of individual circuits and selection of fittings are equally as important as the ability to quickly and easily select lighting scenes and moods to reflect how you are using your home or garden. We also provide security lighting solutions in conjunction with a perimeter security system

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