Smart Wiring is a smart move
for a Smart Home

A Smart Home is a house that uses home automation to control or automate any number of different functions in the house. Smart Wiring is the backbone of any Smart Home and provides the infrastructure that allows you to access music, data, entertainment systems and the internet in every room in your home. With Smart Wiring we can combine many different types of wiring into a single platform.  One that gives the flexibility to add and change in the future without expensive re‐wiring costs or the need to knock holes in your walls, ceilings and floors.

If you consider technology an essential part of your life, then you’ll want to wire your home for today and for the technological innovations that will come in the future. The key to Smart Wiring is that it integrates all the different systems in your home so that they are linked and can talk to each other. This means that your security system can turn on the lights and you can open an outside gate from an intercom on the wall. The possibilities are endless but rely on you putting in the right cabling and outlets when building or renovating your home so that it is ready for whatever comes along. Worldwide Electrics are Smart Wired accredited installers as well as an official installer for NBN infrastructure so we have the skills to help you plan and install your Smart Wiring.

Contact us today and we’ll transform your home into a truly intelligent living space.